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Umoja Wetu, part 2

July 28, 2009

I have just read this Reuter´s dispatch:

KIGALI, July 27 (Reuters) – Rwanda is prepared to take part in further joint military operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo to root out rebels operating there, President Paul Kagame said on Monday.

Congolese and Rwandan soldiers launched a joint operation in January against Hutu militia known as FDLR who took part in Rwanda’s 1994 genocide, and who are also seen as a root cause of 15 years of festering conflict in eastern Congo.

Rwanda pulled out a month later and the rebels retook ground they lost during the offensive.

“We continue to be ready to work on solutions … including military operations… at short notice,” Kagame said”.


“The relationship between Rwanda and DRC has been improving very fast. I’d say it’s now at a good level. We want not only to keep it there, but also to advance it …. for the good of the people of the whole region,” Kagame told a news conference.


“Laurent Nkunda is not the problem in DRC. He’s a very small part of the problem. We need to look beyond him to the bigger issues,” Kagame said.


Some analysts have recommended that the two governments negotiate with FDLR members not wanted for genocide.

“They say, ‘talk to the FDLR’, but which one? Moderates? If they were moderates they would have returned home,” Kagame said”.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with a group of friends who had just returned from Rwanda. They had the opportunity to talk to several people. According to them, most of the people they found there live in fear.

Another friend of mine spent a few days in Rwanda recently. He had the impression that the country was “on the move”, economically speaking. However, he said that no one wanted to talk to him on the political situation. “Last time I came, people told me something about how things are going. This time it was impossible“.

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  1. Nshuti permalink
    July 28, 2009 6:50 pm

    I find it interesting that your “friends” find it safe enough to visit Rwanda and yet claim that people are living in fear! I guess this kind of “news” is what keeps groups like you and Human Rights Watch and the thousands of NGO type/ Crisis Groups relevant – by maintaining this image of people who are opressed and under some grip of fear for their lives. This is so typical. See, without all this “fear, crisis and chaos” then you would not be relevant. I know because I have been on both ends of the stick – working with NGO’s and living in the USA seeing how this type of news benefits their fund-raising capacity. Yes, I have even attended these galas/fundraising events. Why is it so hard for your “friends” to admit that the country is doing incredibly well considering where it is coming from? Do any of you know what this society has had to go through to try and go back to a normal way of life. Would anyone ever imagine Nazis living next door to Jews? Or Armenians living next door to Turkish people? What type of “free” society would that look like? – Spare me the phony concerns. President Kagame has had no manual or example to follow. The mere fact that people can do business, pay their childrens’ fees and obtain legal advise for free (coming soon!) and walk around the city at 2am in the morning with no fear is miraculous in itself. Please stop reporting irresponsibly biased and fear-mongering news just so you can maintain your “bread and butter”.

    • Blog admin permalink*
      July 28, 2009 7:01 pm

      Dear sir,
      Thanks for your comment. The sentence “Nazis living next door to Jews” speaks by itself, it makes any reply unnecessary.
      If I tell you the amount of “bread of butter” I earn per month here you would not believe it: less than the minimum salary permited by law in my country.
      Best regards.

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