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Busiringi does not exist

May 18, 2009

Last May 10th there was an attack to FARDC forces in Busiringi. Even though an AFP dispatch talked about 60 people killed, it is still uncertain how many people died. OCHA estimates that a big part of the 15,000 people living in this town ran for their lives towards Hombo Nord. The day before, the town of Butalongola (6 Km south Kanyabayonga, axe Nyanzale) was attacked, allegedly by the FDLR. Around 135 houses were burned and 2 FARDC soldiers were killed. OCHA updates the humanitarian community about the security situation every Friday.

More than two months after the departure of Rwandan armed Forces from the Kivus, the UN Peacekeeping Mission continues to fail in its mission to protect civilians. Insecurity is particulary rampant in areas such as South Lubero.

Unfortunately, 60 people killed in the bush in Busiringi is not a figure high enough to attract world attention. It would not be the same if this number of civilians had been killed almost anywhere else. Busiringi, however, does not exist. It does not make world headlines, as CNDP´s offensive towards Goma did last October.

So nothing happens.

A few days ago, the International Crisis Group released a report in which five priorities were stressed:

“A peacebuilding strategy for the Congo should have five priorities: credible and comprehensive disarmament strategy for dealing with Rwandan Hutu rebels in both North and South Kivu; reform of the security sector; fostering reconciliation and human security; political engagement dedicated to improving governance; and continuing efforts to sustain stabile regional relations”.

Perhaps all the five priorities can be resumed into one: political will.

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