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Refugees International on the FDLR

March 17, 2009

Refugees International, a Washington based advocacy organization specialized on refugee issues, released a report on March the 3rd on the situation in the Kivus. These are their main conclusions on the recent joint military operation against the FDLR:

The attempted military solution to the FDLR appears far from having succeeded in crippling the rebel group, despite the recent disarmament of over 400 combatants by MONUC. Instead, the operations led to serious consequences for the Congolese in North and South Kivu, including significant new displacements (…)

Not many organizations say publicly that the joint military operation has not been a success. I agree 100% with their analysis.

Refugees International also makes the point on the importance of dialogue as the only path for a durable solution to the FDLR presence in the DRC. Eurac expressed the same opinion a few weeks ago. Military solutions to political problems are, in most of the cases, a recipe for disaster.

You can download the full report here.


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