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Filip Reyntjens on EU Election report in Rwanda

February 3, 2009

Indeed, according to several of its members, the mission found out that the ruling Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) had been too efficient in intimidating the voters and fixing the ballot, as it obtained 98.39% of the vote. This observation is based on a very robust sample size of 24.96% of the total vote (which gives a standard error for the smallest sample of under one percent). Realising that this result looked too “Stalinist”, the regime modified the results: officially the RPF obtained 78.76%, and two other parties were credited with 13.13% (PSD) and 7.50% (PL). Although the mission is fully aware of this manipulation, it is not mentioned  in the report, which is thus as fake as the elections it pretends to analyse.

This is the kind of news that disencourage any decent person interested in becoming an EU electoral observer.

Find the full Reyntjens text here. The EU report can be found on the Observer Mission’s website:

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