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Forced recrutement in Rutshuru continues

December 19, 2008

Yesterday was a day of fear in Rutshuru. Again, there were trucks carrying youngsters forced to join CNDP. Again, soldiers visited many houses in total impunity.

Goma is the city of rumours, and that of CNDP taking Goma grows as time goes by. There has been an important deployment of blue helmets in the main axes in recent days. Some people say that CNDP will take Goma before the end of the year, some other say that they will take the city at the beggining of next year. Something is clear: the people of Goma do not want them here.

Meanwhile, daily life in Goma today means struggling with skyrocketing prices. Beans are three times the price they were in October, and most of the families in Goma are hosting IDPs.

The future of the five IDP camps outside Goma is a matter of great concern. If CNDP forces destroy the Goma camps as they did in Rutshuru, a hundred thousand people will run for their lives again. However, most of them will have no other option than finding a place in the already overcrowded city of Goma.

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