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A ghost report

December 18, 2008

According to some Congolese and international media, the Southern Africa Resource Watch (SARW), a South African NGO funded by the Open Society (George Soros), released a report last November on the exploitation of mineral ressources in North Kivu. I do not have the report yet, and it does not appear on the SARW webpage. Does it exist? According to these sources, this is the list of the main companies involved in the extraction of mineral ressources in North Kivu:

1. Commet Uganda coltan trading Mr. Salim Saleh.

2. Afrimex (UK).

3. Amalgamated Metal Corp (UK).

4. Cabot Corporation tantalum processing (USA).

5. Cogecom coltan trading  (Belgium).

6. Euromet (UK).

7. Finconcord SA (Switzerland).

8. Finmining Saint Kitts(Netherlands Antilles).

9. H.C. Starck GmbH & Co coltan processing (Germany).

10. Kemet Electronics capacitor/manufacture (USA).

11. Malaysian Smelting Cor. coltan processing (Malaysia).

12. Nac Kazatomprom tantalum processing (Kazakhstan).

13. Ningxia Non Ferrous Metals (China)

14. Pacific Ores Metals coltan trading (Hong Kong/China).

15. Raremet Ltd id. Saint Kitts (Netherlands Antilles).

16. SLC Germany GmbH (Germany).

17. Sogem (Belgium).

18. Speciality Metals Company SA (Belgium).

19. Trademet SA (Belgium).

20. Trinitechinternational Inc. id/exploitation (USA).

21. Vishay Sprague manufacture (USA/Israel).

22. Eagle Wings Resources coltan exploitation (Rwanda).

It is not a surprise that Cabot Corporation is cited. Since the current crisis started, Cabot has led a very active PR strategy in order to deny any involvement in the war. If you do a little research, Google Adsense leads you sooner or later to a message from Cabot Corporation. They have even stated their position in Wikipedia.

I would not be surprised if their PR strategy is in the hands of Burston Marsteller or a similar big PR firm. Too agressive as strategy perhaps. Excusatio non petita, acussatio manifesta?


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