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Chronic violence

December 9, 2008

I was in the OCHA security meeting today. Among other informations, we were told that a woman in Rutshuru had traumatically lost an eye while ressisting rape. Also a father and his son were killed in this town. In Bwito, several cases of forced recruitment of children by armed forces have been noticed. Many children hide day and night in the forests in order to avoid forced recruitment,as it is the case now between Katiru and Bangu. Also many cases of men forced to work for soldiers have been reported. There are also reports of women taken by mai mai and PARECO forces in order to be used as sexual slaves.

Meanwhile, PARECO and Mai Mai soldiers seem to be in Kukuku, while FARDC forces are now coming from the North, from Kanyabayonga towards Kibirizi. They are presently in Bulimbi. FARDC is also redeploying its forces in Bishumbi and Ishasa areas. There were also combats registered in Kishishe, Masisi, were IDPs had to escape to hide in the forests. Situation in this area remains difficult as Reuters reports.

While all this happens, the international community considers that the situation is “slightly better” (Javier Solana dixit).

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