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HRW: UK and Germany opposing EU force deployment

December 1, 2008

Nothing new, as readers of this blog already know. “We certainly know that both the UK and Germany have been very reluctant to send troops,” Anneke Van Woudenberg, a researcher for New York-based Human Rights Watch told Reuters.

The impossibility for the EU to have a common voice on foreign affairs becomes cristal clear once more with the Kivu crisis. Unfortunately, Javier Solana is very far from being what he should be, as he chairs an almost  empty position. While the economic union slowly strenghthens (in spite of too quick enlargements and financial crises), European states continue to apply a foreign policy doctrine based on the exclusive idea of defending their national economic interests. I do not only mean by this the UK and Germany, but the advocates of an EU deployment in Congo as well. France and Belgium are not applying a Human Rights based foreign policy on this crisis at all, no matter what they say… but a foreign policy strategy that uses human rights and international humanitarian law as a means to preserve their influence in the region.

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