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CNDP makes prices go high

November 28, 2008

Today I had to check a command of items I have asked for. Due to the “tax” the CNDP is asking for all cargo coming towards Goma, the items I wanted to buy are now almost 40% more expensive.

I was angry about this, so I started asking how much CNDP is asking for. This is what I found out:

long truck: 2000 U$ to get through.

Fuso truck (small size): 500 U$ to get through.

Toll for every vehicle: 50 U$.

If you carry just a bag with some items that could be sold in the market: 5 U$

It is said around here that CNDP is a disciplined force in the sense that they don´t loot the population. Now I understand that they simply don´t need to do it. With this kind of tax procedure, looting becomes completely innecessary.

Meanwhile, the price in Goma of first need commodities like beans has tripled in the last two months.

Regarding this armed group, the French newspaper Le Nouvel Observateur published recently some testimonies of victims of the massacre of Kiwanja. You can read it here.


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