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Stealing from the poorest

November 27, 2008

There are unclear news about a man being killed in the camps today.

There was a distribution of mattresses in Mugunga I. I have been told (I was not there today) that it was a distribution for women. Many people from Goma (who do not live in the camp) came just for the distribution. It is an scandal. According to what I´ve heard, it happens many times. It was a distribution organized by the Norwegian Refugee Council. I consider NRC a great NGO, but poisoned apples can be found everywhere.

While many women from the camp were receiving nothing, many women from abroad were in the queue. People denounced it, shouted, and become very angry. They all decided to go find the NGO worker in charge who was permitting that.

A man outraged by the situation tried to attack the NGO worker, who escaped and hid by the police. The man was stopped by force and hit by a group of policemen in the back of his head. It is not confirmed but there were rumours that he has been killed.

Some days ago, as well, there were news about the dissapearance of 50 Mt of food (belonging to PAM, that were supposed to be distributed by Caritas). The food had to be distributed to the IDPs and dissapeared, but it was later found in the local markets.

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