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It´s time for a bold decision

November 22, 2008

Charities, religious groups and other organisations have joined forces in a plea to Gordon Brown to take action to protect civilians in the DRC.

The NGOs signing the letter are: Aegis Trust, Christian Aid, Foreign Policy Centre, Global Witness, HART, Hindu Council of the UK, Human Rights Watch, British Humanist Association, IANSA, Methodist Church, Mercy Corps, Mother’s Union, Muslim Aid, Muslim Council of Britain, National Union of Teachers, Oxfam, The Pears Foundation, Rene Cassin, Saferworld, Waging Peace.

Check the website created for the occasion.

The full text of the advertisement reads:

“It’s time for a bold decision, Mr Brown

Prime Minister, your Government must act today to get more peacekeeping troops into the Democratic Republic of Congo.
As we write this letter, a humanitarian catastrophe in eastern DRC is unfolding before our eyes. Hundreds of thousands of people have been forced from their homes by violent clashes. Attacks on civilians are occurring daily. Women and girls are being raped on a horrific scale. The situation is deteriorating every day.
The current peacekeeping troops are overstretched and UN reinforcements will take months to arrive. The EU promised that troops would be available to act in conflicts like this. The UK has a responsibility to ensure this promise is met. The people in eastern DRC cannot wait any longer for protection.
The UK Government has said we must “never again” stand by in the face of wide scale atrocities. Over the past five years some five million people have died in the DRC. Now is the time for your Government to uphold its promise. Swift deployment could save thousands of lives. Prime Minister, we know you are as appalled as we are by the catastrophe in the DRC. But we also know you have the means to act. Today is the day to show courageous leadership”.

You can read the full document here.

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