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Refugees International report (and Ken Bacon´s blog)

November 13, 2008

I recently downloaded Refugees International last report on the situation in the DRC. It´s great that their raise their voice for more and better troops, and I´m a fan of their work. However, I am surprised to read the last blog written by RI president, Ken Bacon. According to him,

“The current fighting between rebel and government forces in the Kivu provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is ethnically based, the result of unresolved conflicts following the 1994 genocide in Rwanda”.

End of the analysis of the root causes of the conflict.

I understand that this a blog text, therefore short, and you can not go in depth on things. However, said like that, what Bacon says is basically wrong. The conflict, particularly nowadays, is more economic than ethnic. In fact, saying that the conflict is ethnic makes you stand for one side- Nkunda´s. I don´t know if this is due to ignorance of the conflict, or maybe it´s written on purpose for diplomatic reasons. I hope the latter is the good one.

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