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A chess game with women and children dying on the board

November 9, 2008

I´ve found this information on the internet (have not read it before). According to it, the export of raw minerals from North Kivu will become impossible next year.

The link to the current situation is clear. If we consider that this is a chess game, the DRC made a move with this rule. CNDP and Rwanda moved next with the current military offensive in order to control the territory.
Now Allan Doss says that Rutshuru has to be fully demilitarised. If CNDP does not agree to leave Rutshuru (and they will not, arguing their official known discourse), that will mean that the war is here to stay.

I am also worried by the fact that Angolan soldiers are fighting by the side of FARDC. Conflict starts to remind me the Second Congo War. As it happened then, the five minutes of global attention have passed. No news of more and better soldiers in the short term. As expected, Bernard Kouchner and David Milliband´s words are simply words.

Does the US want the statu quo to continue? Bush junior surely does.

What does Barack Obama think about all this?

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